How to get to Asyl, golden gai

Recommended by CNN as 5 Best bar in golden gai! Our cover charge is just free!!, and Free Popcorn!!
No signboard, so a little bit hard to find. We’re at the 2nd floor of the 5th Bldg from the corner (Shrine side of 3Bangai) on the left!
Asyl is next, next to Death Match.

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Recommended whisky

The most popular Japanese Single Malt WhiskyYamazaki, Yamazaki 12, Yamazaki 18, Yamazaki Limited Edition 2017
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How to get Asyl on youtube

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Japanese Whiskey with Mt Fuji

Enjoy our Japanese Whiskey with the beautiful scenery of Mt Fuji. At the bottom of this Japanese traditional Edo Glass, you can see the golden Mt Fuji! Yes, We have Japanese Single Malt, Discontinued Japanese Whisky, Limited Edition of Japanese Whisky!
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Yes, Asyl, golden gai!


♪ CNN recommended Asyl as 5 Best bar in golden gai!

♪We’re at the 2nd floor of the 5th Bldg from the corner (Shrine side) on the left!

♪Open till morning!~ please contact to



♪2009年、東京のパワースポット、ベスト20にランクインしました~ ありがとうございました
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Yes, We are on the video of Sander van Doorn x Fred Pellichero - The Snake 2016 (Official Music Video)! Thank you!
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asyl on youtube!

Two artists shooted their Promotion Video at asyl!


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K-POPのアーティストを約300組、ご紹介した本です。アーティスト紹介だけでなく、コラムもお楽しみいただけると思います。韓国の歌謡界について、もっと知りたい、という方にオススメです! 下記の「お求めはこちらから!」でお求めいただけます。

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BROWN EYED SOULのナオルさんの展示会が都内で開催中!   詳細は で!店でパンフレットをお配りしています。素敵な作品ばかり。木曜までですので、お見逃しなく!
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